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C102.03: A Quick Look at the Bible - Teacher Materials

Dave Batty
Teachers Manuals, Teaching ideas, Powerpoints are available for download. The English version of Teachers Manual is available for purchase from This course is available in: English, French, Khmer, Russian, Spanish
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: 1wk - 1mon
created 8 years ago , updated 5 years ago
Name Language Type Format
Assignment List - A Quick Look (download) English Other Text
Assignment List - A Quick Look - Alternate (download) English Other Text
To obtain English Version of the Group Studies, Click here for ... (download) English Other Text
A Quick Look at the Bible - PowerPoint (download) * English Other PowerPoint
Una introducción a la Biblia - Manual del Maestro - Teachers Man (download) Spanish Espanol Teacher Manual Text
Un Apercu de la Bible - Guide d'étude Answer Key (Study Guide ... (download) French Other Text
Un aperçu de la bible - Manuel de l’enseignant (Teacher's Ma... (download) French Teacher Manual Text
Краткий обзор Библии -- Контрольна... (download) Russian Test Text
Краткий обзор Библии -- Руководств... (download) Russian Teacher Manual Text
Introdução a Biblia - Manual do Professor (Teacher's Manual) (download) Portuguese Teaching notes Text
A Quick Look at the Bible - Teachers Manual (download) Khmer Teacher Manual Text
Μια γρήγορη ματιά στη Βίβλο – Διαγ... (download) Greek Test Text
Μια γρήγορη ματιά στη Βίβλο – Εγχε... (download) Greek Teacher Manual Text
การสำรวจพระคัมภีร์อย่... (download) Thai Test Text
การสำรวจพระคัมภีร์อย่... (download) Thai Teacher Manual Text

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