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T602.02: Beyond Abuse Seminar

Sallie Culbreth
This 5 hour seminar is for men and women who are survivors of abuse, their partners, family, and friends, and those who want to gain a better understanding of how abuse impacts a person's life. The seminar combines practical information and spiritual insights that will provide significant help. A fill-in-the-blank workbook follows the presentation. Survivors, partners, friends, and survivor support networks will find this to be significant and helpful. Topics covered during the seminar include: • What abuse teaches. • The issues that abuse survivors struggle with. • How God factors into abuse recovery. • The sub-text of Christ's experiences. • Strategies to manage stress. This seminar will provide Teen Challenge staff with excellent insights on how abuse affects a person. It will also provide tools for how to move beyond the damage of abuse.
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: 1day - 1wk
created 4 years ago
Name Language Type Format
1 Introduction - mp3 (download) English Lecture Audio
2 Overview -mp3 (download) English Lecture Audio
3 Definitions - mp3 (download) English Lecture Audio
4 Damage - mp3 (download) English Lecture Audio
5 Lies - mp3 (download) English Lecture Audio
6 Longing & Voice - mp3 (download) English Lecture Audio
7 Helping not Hurting - mp3 (download) English Lecture Audio
8 Resources - mp3 (download) English Lecture Audio
Beyond Abuse Seminar - Information (download) English Other Text
Supplemental Resource - False Memories (download) English Other Text
No Longer Alone: Rising Above Childhood Sexual Abuse - Book inf... (download) * English Other Image

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