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T502.01: Principles of Evangelism

Don Wilkerson, Mike Zello, Tim Zello, Bernie Gillott
A Practical Guide for Effective Outreach Evangelism. The purpose of this course is to assist you in reaching out to your mission field. It is a collection of principles, guidelines, sample material, and practical information focused on “how to” evangelize those who normally wouldn’t hear the Gospel without a proactive witness. This course is available in: English, French, Russian, Spanish
: 1
: 2hrs - 4hrs
created 9 years ago , updated 6 months ago
Name Language Type Format
Principles of Evangelism - English - Notesheet (download) English Notesheet Text
Principles of Evangelism - English - Powerpoint (download) English Other PowerPoint
Principles of Evangelism - English - Student Manual (download) English Student Manual Text
Principles of Evangelism - Spanish - Student Manual (download) Spanish Espanol Student Manual Text
Principes d’évangélisation -- Guide D'étude (download) French Study Guide Text
Principes d’évangélisation -- Manuel d'étudiant (download) French Student Manual Text
Принципы Евангелизации - Пособие д... (download) Russian Student Manual Text
ПРИНЦИПЫ ЕВАНГЕЛИЗАЦИИ – Бланк дл... (download) Russian Notesheet Text
ПРИНЦИПЫ ЕВАНГЕЛИЗАЦИИ – Ответы (download) Russian Notesheet with Answers Text
ПРИНЦИПЫ ЕВАНГЕЛИЗАЦИИ – Презент... (download) Russian Other PowerPoint

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