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C108.02: Obedience to God - Student Materials Download

Dave Batty
Student Manuals, Study Guides, and supplemental reading lists are available for download in many languages. Note:The English version of the Group Studies materials are not available for download from the website. Printed copies may be purchased from Those outside of the USA can request electronic versions of the English Group Studies curriculum by contacting Global Teen Challenge at This course is available in: Armenian, Greek, Khmer, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish
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Name Language Type Format
To obtain English Version of the Group Studies, Click here for ... (download) English Other Text
Υπακοή στον Θεό -- Εγχειρίδιο Μαθητ... (download) English Student Manual Text
La Obediencia a Dios - Certificado – Certificate (download) Spanish Espanol Certificate Text
La Obediencia a Dios - Guia de Estudio - Study Guide (download) Spanish Espanol Study Guide Text
La Obediencia a Dios - Manual del Alumno-Student Manual (download) Spanish Espanol Student Manual Text
Послушание Богу -- Пособие для студ... (download) Russian Student Manual Text
Послушание Богу -- Рабочая тетрадь ... (download) Russian Study Guide Text
Послушание Богу -- Сертификат --Certifi... (download) Russian Certificate Text
Obediência a Deus - Certificado (certificate) (download) Portuguese Certificate Text
Obediência a Deus - Fichas de Trabalho (Study Guide) (download) Portuguese Study Guide Image
Obediência a Deus - Manual do Aluno (Student Manual) (download) Portuguese Student Manual Text
Obedience to God - Student Manual (download) Khmer Student Manual Text
Obedience to God - Study Guide (download) Khmer Study Guide Image
Υπακοή στον Θεό – Εγχειρίδιο Μαθη... (download) Greek Student Manual Text
Υπακοή στον Θεό – Οδηγός Μελέτης ... (download) Greek Study Guide Text
Υπακοή στον Θεό – Πιστοποιητικό –... (download) Greek Certificate Text
Հնազանդություն Աստծուն – Ուսանող... (download) Armenian Student Manual Text
Հնազանդություն Աստծուն – Ուսուցմ... (download) Armenian Study Guide Text
Հնազանդություն Աստծուն – Վկայակա... (download) Armenian Certificate Text

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