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T704.01: Your Helpful Friend

Louise Jeter Walker
Everyone needs friends and everyone values those special friends who are always there when you need them the most. Each of us has a special friend in the Holy Spirit, and this course by Louise Jeter Walker tells about this very special friend in its l44 pages. Many students have experienced the Baptism in the Holy Spirit after studying this course. This Teen Challenge Training resource is being offered through a partnership with “Your Helpful Friend” is an 6 -part lesson that can be viewed or downloaded from the following web address: This course is available in: Chinese, English, French, Italian, Russian, Spanish Choose the language that you would like at the download menu on website.
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: 1day - 1wk
created 9 years ago , updated 8 years ago
Name Language Type Format
Your Helpful Friend - English - Course (download) English Other Text
Your Helpful Friend - Spanish - Course (download) Spanish Espanol Other Text
Your Helpful Friend - French - Course (download) French Other Text
Your Helpful Friend - Russian - Course (download) Russian Other Text
Your Helpful Friend - Chinese Simplified - Course (download) Chinese Other Text
Your Helpful Friend - Italian - Course (download) Italian Other Text

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