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T703.02: Understanding the Bible

Dorothy Johns
The careful, methodical study of the Bible is the subject of this course. In the first part, author Dorothy Johns introduces the principles, terminology, and means of interpretation that are essential to all effective methods of Bible study. The next series of lessons emphasizes scrutiny of individual books through the synthetic or whole-book method of study. The biographical, topical, and devotional methods of study are critiqued in the last section. While much in the course is necessarily an academic discussion of how to study the Bible, major emphasis is placed on the student’s spiritual improvement and how a systematic study of the Scriptures is the best means for achieving this goal. This course is available in: Chinese, English, French, Spanish
: 2
: 1day - 1wk
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Name Language Type Format
Understanding the Bible - English - Course (download) English Other Text
Understanding the Bible - Spanish - Course (download) Spanish Espanol Other Text
Understanding the Bible - French - Course (download) French Other Text
Understanding the Bible - Chinese Simplified – Course (download) Chinese Other Text

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